Cord Cutting This Week 2019 Predictions Walmart Buys Roku, NFL, Apple, Disney+, & More

Cord cutting is slowly and steadily gaining momentum. The year 2018 has seen to be a great year for cord cutting wherein there has been a 32% jump in the people who have cut the cord taking its number to 33 million. There have also been addition of new services and some older ones just got better. The year 2019 is turning out to be a better year for the cord cutters especially since it has started with great news. The year is just getting better with every news. Let us have a look at some of the 2019 predictions for this week that would be helpful for the cord cutters.

  • NFL is currently in talks of pulling their rights back from the AT&T. This is especially for their NFL Sunday Ticket that is during the spring time. But as per some sources, NFL Is planning to launch their own online streaming service wherein they would no longer require DirecTV. Though currently there are plans of the service and not sure whether it would launch this year or no but surely they would disclose more about the service in this year itself.
  • There is a speculation that one major online streaming service is planning to shut down this year itself. The market currently has a number of live TV streaming services but not all of them are making its way up on the profit chart. In the past we have already come across news of Amazon, Apple and Verizone who have dropped their plans to launch the live TV streaming service. Another company called Century Link has also decided to shut down its service. There are currently 20 live TV streaming services in the market but not all of them would make it this year.
  • Disney itself has planned to roll out its own online streaming service called as Disney+ later this year. There has been a lot of hype around this new streaming service. They are planning to include some of their prominent brand contents and the pricing would be lower than the competitors. So you get to watch Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar TV shows and movies on their streaming service. Though there is a lot of expectation from the people and initially it is going to be a huge hit but gradually this expectation may die down.
  • There are also talks about Disney owning around 60% stakes of Hulu.  Also there is a probability that Comcast would also be selling its shares to Disney so as to help in covering the cost of the deal that went in purchasing Sky. Also there is news about AT&T selling their 10% shares which they had in Hulu to Disney.

2019 is a year of new things coming up and at the same time somethings would come to an end. We can only wait and watch what is in store for the viewers. But one thing is for sure that viewers would receive best quality television content.