Cord-cutting in 2019 What to expect in a pivotal year

2019 for cord cutters is a year that comes along with lot of changes. There are multiple new things coming up which would be a treat for everyone. In this year, there would launch of several other streaming services that would give a tough competition to the existing brands. There would also be major alterations occurring to the live TV series wherein they would aim to replace the cable. The TV antenna viewers would need to be vigilant due to the shift of multiple stations from one frequency to another and also there would be new streaming devices being launched in the market. By the end of this year, the viewers would be having an array of options to look out for.

Streaming services:

Over the past few years there hasn’t been much competition given to Amazon Prime and Netflix. But it would all change in this coming year. Apple is soon launching its streaming service early 2019. There are some biggies involved in producing the content that would be shown on Apple however the pricing factor is still not known. They would be bundling this service along with its magazine subscription and Apple Music. Later at the end of the year, Disney is coming up with Disney+ its new streaming service with some prominent brands as its content. Gradually it would be a favourite destination for all the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans. Every year they would be adding up new movies and shows on their streaming service. Though it is a tough competition coming up but surely for the viewers it would be better content they can choose from and also more control on their spending.

New Devices:

2019 has seen to be an interesting year for the launch of new hardware. Apple is planning to come up with a low cost Apple TV stick so that you can get new video services at home itself. Roku is also planning to introduce a hands-free voice control. These are just the few among the many new innovations that may grip the market this year.


In case of Live TV, Hulu is planning to come up with a cheaper option of their Hulu Live TV that would be providing only news, sports and any on-demand videos for its viewers. Similarly, AT&T is also planning to reduce its current content on the DirecTV but at the same time they may look to raise the prices. But still the Live TV services are not picking up the profit which it should due to the low cost streaming services that are provided by Youtube, Netflix and so on.

Similarly, the viewers of TV antennas may also notice shift of the stations from one frequency to another. This would mean that their favourite channel may get a new number or drop off. So there would be a need to periodically rescan the TV to ensure that you do not miss out on your favourite shows.