Changes ahead for antenna TV viewers

There would be important changes that are occurring to the local broadcast TV stations which are known to be providing free over-the-air channels including weather, news and the entertainment. Millions of household in America would get affected with this kind of changes. It has been said that mostly 1000 TV stations that are spread across the country would get affected. Most of them would be transitioning to the new frequencies, some of them would drop off and some new ones would be coming up. This means that the TV viewers would need to reprogram their TV so as to stay updated.

One of the main reasons for making this change is due to the broader effort taken by the government to expand the available resources for the wireless networks. The need for the broadband connectivity has been on a rise due to the increase reliance on the wireless network. So exactly what does this mean for the TV viewers? The viewers need not worry since there is no need for any new equipment or device. The only thing viewers would need to do is, timely rescan their TV so that they can get back the dropped off programs. But not all of the broadcasters would be moving in one go. The broadcasters would be moving at different phases in a period of two years. This means that the viewers would need to periodically rescan their TV. This may seem to be an inconvenience effort wherein you would need to rescan every time but the process is quite simple and it normally takes couple of minutes to get it completed.

The respective stations would be providing notice in advance to its viewers regarding when the change would be occurring. Also if you noticed that any channel has been missing at any point of time then you need not worry since it may have moved to another channel number. You would need to rescan so as to get it back. To stay updated you can also visit the FCC website wherein they provide an interactive map. All you would need to do is enter your address and check for the time frame on the frequency change for the local channels in your area.

Another thing to make a note of is, in just few of the cases the local station may tend to move from the UHF channel to the VHF one. But this kind of change is only known to affect just few of the viewers who have the UHF only antenna since then they may need to get the UHF/VHF antenna. But this just affects few section of the audience.

Hence to sum up, as a TV antenna viewer all you would need to do is check out the timeframe on when the stations would be moving to different frequencies and accordingly plan out the rescan. Else you can periodically rescan your TV to get the new channels or bring back the dropped ones. The rescanning process is also simple wherein all you would need to do is just go to the Menu and click on settings and click on Scan or Autoprogram or Autoscan. You can also refer the TV manual guide for details on scanning your TV.