Are Antenna TVs Making a Comeback?

In this generation of TV and mobile addict wherein everyone is glued to the screen for the streaming services, it would be surprising for a lot of them to know that the TV antennas are making a comeback. It is quite unbelievable for a lot of people to even get the fact that there is a medium wherein you get all of your local channels which also includes the major broadcasting channels absolutely free of cost. Some time and even today, people have been driven to take the plunge of cutting the cord. This led to a generation wherein people would start to stream programs or use streaming devices which could assist them to watch their favourite shows.

At times, old school is the best gifted technology. Yes, surely there can be changes made to it so that it suits the newer age audience. Similarly, the TV antennas though are an old school technology but they have been modified for the good. They not only look appealing but at the same time, they provide better coverage which leads to picking up stronger signals. The rising cable and satellite prices have also been one of the reason for cutting the cord and going in for other modes of entertainment. What better way than to make use of free over-the-air channels through TV antennas.

Having a TV antenna would mean that you get access to host of major network broadcast channels such as PBS, CW, Fox, ABC and so on. Most of your popular shows, sports, news and weather reports are all made available on the OTA TV. The best part is that the picture quality of channels that you receive through TV antenna is high-definition format which is better than your cable or satellite channels. One of the reason for the same is because you receive an uncompressed picture quality as opposed to cable wherein you were receiving a compressed picture quality.

There has been a gradual rise in the number of households having a TV antenna. The numbers have increased from 12million in the year 2014 to 16.4 in the year 2018. Also the numbers are yet to rise over a period of time. Also the manufacturers have made a lot of improvement in the antennas itself wherein you have a host of option to choose from. There are indoor and outdoor antennas. So you get to choose which type of antenna you prefer. Also your selection would be based on various factors including, the location of the broadcasting tower in your area, how far they are from your area, which directions they are located, how many channels you can receive, any kind of obstruction between your place and the tower etc. You can get the resources availability on various websites such as, FCC, Antennaweb.org and so on.

With so much of information made available, purchasing the antenna has been made easier. Hence more and more consumers are going in for antenna along with streaming services. This provides them a blend of both live news and sports along with their favourite channels.